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Athletics has two components – track and field – both of which cater for a range of disabilities.


There are multiple categories of classification for ambulant and wheelchair track athletes to ensure athletes of similar ability are competing against each other.

“Racing chairs” are streamlined in shape, having two rear wheels and a single front wheel. The frame of the wheelchair is designed to be aerodynamic. Each racing chair is custom made to the specifications of individual athletes.

Athlete’s can compete across a range of distances and form ambulant participants long jump is also an option.


Field events are based around throwing and include shotput, discuss and javelin.

Classification for field events ranges for athletes with disabilities affecting both their upper and lower limbs (such as quadriplegics) and athletes with limited function in their lower limbs. Seated throwers use specially designed frames from which they throw the implements.
Wheelchair Sports WA also caters for ambulant field athletes with classifications available for amputee athletes and cerebral palsy athletes. These athletes throw from a standing position and therefore do not require throwing frames to compete.


Wheelchair Sports WA works alongside Athletics WA to help deliver the Para-athletics program in Western Australia.

Many Athletics participants also take part in the Wheelchair Sports WA Super Series which allows athletes across different disciplines, classifications and sports to compete against each other using person improvement as the key indicator of success. The other two sports which participate are Cycling and Swimming. The winners are recognised at the WSWA Sport Star of the Year Awards.


For more information on Athletics, coaches, or classification please contact Wheelchair Sports WA on (08) 6143 5800 or

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