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Wheelchair bowlers regularly compete in able-bodied pennants and club championships, as there are no rule differences for wheelchair Lawn Bowls.

At National and International competitions wheelchair bowlers compete in one of two classes: LB1 or LB2. Class 1 bowlers have limited function in upper and lower extremities, while Class 2 bowlers have some form of disability in the lower limbs only.

A special glove is allowed for quadriplegics to assist in releasing the bowl. Bowlers are classified as a 1A, 1B or 1C for quadriplegics or from class 2 up to class 6 for other disabilities. 1A having the lowest degree of function and class 6 has the most.

Bowlers participate at a range of clubs around WA and are strongly supported by Bowls WA. Some clubs require modified wheels to be used by bowlers in a wheelchair to prevents damage to the bowling greens.

For more information please contact Wheelchair Sports WA on (08) 6143 5800 or

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