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Pistol and Rifle shooting are both Paralympic events with a rich history. All disabilities are welcome in this sport that requires extreme precision, a steady hand and stamina. There are both standing and seated classes within the sport. However, we do ask that participants be over the age of 12 years old.

Pistol Shooting is categorised into three sections, Air Pistol, Sport Pistol and Free Pistol. Air Pistol is shot over a distance of 10 metres with a .177 calibre pistol. Sport Pistol is shot over a distance of 25 metres with a .22 calibre, and Free Pistol over 50 metres, again with a .22 calibre.

The rifle events are confined to rifles of smaller calibre – .22 rim fire rifles and .177 air rifles. Smallbore rifle shooting and air rifle shooting is extremely popular all around the world. An air rifle match consists of a 60 shot event for men and a 40 shot event for women. Athletes take aim at small targets and score points based on what they hit, with 10 being a perfect bullseye and 1 the outermost circle of the target.

For anyone who wants to give shooting a try, please contact Wheelchair Sports on (08) 6143 5800 or email

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