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Swimmers with disabilities compete in a full range of events in all of the four disciplines; butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. Swimmers also compete in individual medleys and relays with events ranging from 50m up to 1500m.

Through the classification system swimmer are able to compete against swimmers of equal ability. Swimmers have integrated very well with able bodied swimming and most of the swimmers with a disability train and compete with able-bodied swim squads, as the events and rules are the same for both groups, with some minor changes to cater for the swimmer’s disability.

Swimmers are classified under the Functional Classification System, which means that swimmers with all physical disabilities often compete with one another. Swimmers are classified from S1 – S10, with S1 having the lowest degree of function and S10 having the most. In multiclass events, involving competitors with differing classifications, the results are determined by an athletes own person efforts for their classification.

Many Swimmers also take part in the Wheelchair Sports WA Super Series which allows athletes across different disciplines, classifications and sports to compete against each other using person improvement as the key indicator of success. The other two sports which participate are Athletics and Swimming. The winners are recognised at the WSWA Sport Star of the Year Awards.

If you are intrested in trying swimming and would like some more information please contact Wheelchair Sports WA on (08) 6143 5800 or email

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