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There are a number of ways of making a Bequest to the Wheelchair Sports WA Association (Inc.) The wording is important. They state precisely what you want to happen.

Here are three examples you may wish to consider:

A Specific Sum

The simplest form of bequest is a specific sum. This, however, has disadvantages in that it does not allow for depletion of your estate nor for inflation. To compensate for this it is advisable to review your Will regularly


Leaving a percentage of your estate ensures that other beneficiaries are not affected by the changes in the size of your estate or by inflation.

The Residue

After providing for families and friends you may decide to leave the residue of your estate, what is left, to the Association.

Please tell us when you have included a bequest to Wheelchair Sports WA Association (Inc.) in your Will. Surprises are nice, but it helps the Association if we know a bequest is planned. We value the chance of thanking you personally in advance rather than your executor.

For further information please contact:

Chief Executive Officer
Wheelchair Sports WA Association Inc.
PO BOX 134
Mirrabooka WA 6941
T: (08) 6143 5800
F: (08) 6143 5820

Confidentiality assured at all times.

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