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Wheelchair Sports WA – Rebound WA: So what changes?

Posted 27th January 2017

As you will know, Wheelchair Sports WA has been helping people with physical disabilities to live fuller, healthier and more active lives for over 60 years.

However our Charity has needed to change and adapt so that we are sustainable for another 60 years (To hear about why we need to change – watch our video:

We are the same organisation with the same membership and the same services. Only the name is changing. Over the coming weeks and months, we will introduce the new name and logo on our member communications, social media, marketing material and signage and in February 2017, we will launch our new website.

With that said, you might be wondering, “so what is actually changing?” The below breakdown will hopefully clear up any confusion or questions you may have.

Programs & Services

Nothing will change in terms of our Program & Service delivery.

Sports – The steady handover of sports to their respective State Sporting Associations (SSAs) will continue and the role of Rebound WA will gradually progress from “service provision” to a “consultancy & advisory” role to the SSAs.

Recreational & Social – As we move towards less service provision in the Sporting world, we hope to step up in our recreational and social programs. This means more Quiz Nights and Comedy Nights, more fishing trips and more social get-togethers to help bring our fantastic community closer.

Hospital Program – One of the main things that sets our Charity apart is the important role we play in engaging patients at the State’s main rehabilitation hospitals – Fiona Stanley Hospital & Princess Margaret Hospital for Children. This work will continue to be one of the most important programs that we run. Staff will now be seen in hospitals representing Rebound WA but instead telling them about the various “Wheelchair Sports”and other sporting, recreational and social programs available to them.

Grants, Scholarships & Equipment – Rebound WA will continue to run the annual “Sir George Bedbrook” & “Frank Ponta” scholarships to help support the community access more active lives. Sporting equipment such as handcycles will continue to be available for the community.


The new website will go live in February. Currently this domain redirects to the Wheelchair Sports website. The new website will be our “outward facing” site to the world of would-be supporters and fundraisers however there will remain a wheelchair sports “portal” that will take you to all the program and sporting news and updates.


The “FreeWheeling” newsletter will continue to be published, with content gradually becoming more sports-specific.

When the new Rebound WA website is established, there will also be a Rebound WA e-newsletter, which will likely be distributed quarterly. This will be our communications to our financial supporters and stakeholders about what the Charity is doing and why ongoing financial support is so important.


The Wheelchair Sports Facebook page will remain. This is because it already has a great community following and it will remain the best place to find out about disability sporting events and results.

Our Rebound WA Facebook page will be going live on February 1st and as aforementioned with our website, will be our Charity’s face out to the world while advertising the recreational and social programs on offer.

Other Social Media

Instagram – If you have liked our Wheelchair Sports Instagram, this has been rebranded to @reboundwa

Twitter – The @WCSWA twitter account will be closing on February 1st. This is following consultation with digital media strategists about the platforms ongoing effectiveness and the future of Twitter. Rebound WA communications will be focussed on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

LinkedIn – The Wheelchair Sports LinkedIn has been rebranded to Rebound WA to project ourselves more widely to the business and commercial sector.

General Marketing

All flyers and promotional material will be changing to Rebound WA with the language used varying from what it has previously in order to emotively connect with would-be supporters and fundraisers. Within the office, our team will be answering phones and emails as Rebound WA.


In summary, the programs and services that you enjoy will not be changing, only the name is changing. “Wheelchair Sports” will no longer be our Charity’s name but instead a “program” run by Rebound WA. If you would like more information on the change please contact us –

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